Double Kash

Samson Ejiofor
(Original Founder of Double Kash)

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@8:20pm, 15th October.

Double Kash has finally relaunched with the name of YOUTH POWER


Unfortunately, you won't be able to migrate your account to the new site. I don't have access to the Perfect Kash database.

@7am, 15th October.

Thanks once again for your feedbacks and suggestions.

*** Double Kash will re-launch at 5pm Today on a new domain.


** I've taken some steps to reduce potential scammers on the site. This include phone number verification for all users, and a permanent blockage for those that canceled their PH twice.

** There are now 5 levels on the platform. Level 1 - 5. And only 1 downline is needed to get help.

** Members will now be able to select the amount themselves, whenever they want to get help. For example, if you have N20,000 balance, you can now select the amount yourself when getting help. Whether it's N2,500, N5,000 or N10,000.

** Introduction of Lightening GH. If you think GH on the site is slow for you, you will now be able to sell your funds to our recommended agents. And be credited in less than 30 minutes. Agents will typically charge you between 20-25% commission, but you will receive alert in just minutes.

** There is also a money transfer system. This allow members to transfer their funds to other members on the platform.

** Eventually, members will also be able to provide help with their balance on the site.


More info will arrive at 5pm today

@5pm, 10th October.

I'll like to appreciate everybody for the feedbacks. Both the positive and the negative ones. And a special appreciation to these ardent followers of the double kash project:

and others I'm unable to mention.

Here are some of the things I believe is wrong with perfect kash (from the feedbacks I received & from my own observation):

** Constant change in policies

** Unresponsive customer support (though I wouldn't fault them for this. When I was running Double Kash, I receive over 200 messages daily. And it was almost impossible to reply to all). But I think the customer support should at least respond to important issues.

** Minimum PH. I believe the minimum PH of N5000 is too high. This tends to discourage new users from providing help.

I'll be relaunching the platform latest on Monday by God's grace. And I hope it'll be better than the previous one.

Please send me your suggestions and feedbacks.

@7:20AM, 8th October.

I wish to tender an apology for what this great platform has become.

Double Kash was created as a means of alleviating poverty. And for months, it was the most reliable site in Nigeria.

When the IMHG made an offer to buy the platform, I agreed because I believed it will make the platform stronger. But that has not been the case.

I have returned what they pay to purchase this platform, and Double Kash is now back in the hands of it's original founder.